English Programme Plan

1. Aims:
The overall aims of the English Language Education curriculum are:
1.1 1.1 to develop a school-based English curriculum according to the English Language Education Key Learning Area Curriculum Guide 2017 and the Basic Education Curriculum Guide 2014
1.2 to arouse students’ interest in learning English;
1.3 to extend students’ knowledge in English language and improve their language proficiency in authentic contexts;
1.4 to promote self-directed learning through different learning activities.


2. Situational Analysis:
2.1 Strengths
2.1.1 The NET Section gives advice and support for the school to implement the PLPRW programme in Key Stage 1.
2.1.2 The School-based Curriculum Development (Primary) Section of Edb renders on-site professional support services for our school to develop a school-based curriculum.
2.1.3 Teachers have a sharing platform thrice a year and a weekly co-planning meeting to discuss different strategies for improving learning and teaching.
2.1.4 The PLPRW programme has implemented effectively.


2.2 Weaknesses
2.2.1 Students lack motivation to learn English.
2.2.2 Students lack interest in reading English books and are unfamiliar with the reading strategies.
2.2.3 Students lack ideas and cannot elaborate their ideas in writing.


3. Focus area of the Action Plans 2020-2021:
3.1 Improve students’ language proficiency.
3.2 Develop a new school-based reading curriculum for P.4.
3.2 Promote self-directed learning through BYOD.